WI Research Team Meeting 4/13


  • Elmer
  • Renee
  • Peggy

Check Ins:

  • Elmer – staying busy with the projects and fixing stuff around the house, being there for his kids.
  • Renee – really sick with fever, no other symptoms except for runny nose, it’s not pneumonia (going on 30 days). Trying to keep busy, canning veggies, Easter dinner, organizing neighborhood fundraising. Needs Clorox wipes.
  • Peggy – Reusing containers for clorox, how to videos. Working and staying busy with part time (FREE), doing interviews for organizers throughout WI. Mega email response. Saturday, working with HOC and trying to fact check.


  • Elmer – Working on social media elements, 2 fb frames and movie posters and other ideas. Nothing yet for DOC Scy email though emails outside of the DOC roster may get quarantined automatically (Just happened to me with Outlook)… Keep on adding to the research articles and 973.195 research.
  • Survival Resources Letter: Should send it out through CorrLinks soon but add cleaning supply information, people are not believing the staff so it would put them at ease if they hear it from us.
  • Letter for Scy Carr: Editing and combining our personalities, Compassionate Release (Renee), Non-Violent less than a year Left (Elmer), Revocations and Rule Violators (Peggy) ETA Wednesday rough draft.
  • Pressure Campaign: Letters, Chalk Talk and social media campaign ideas, discussed below.
  • Finding out best communications for individuals in power: 

Peggy has not heard from her insider friend Jamie. Has had good comms with Zach about PPE equipment and stuff, asked about what options or maybe even creating a category to not destroy donated items. Memo sent out regarding face masks.

  • Discussion 11:30-11:40 (10 min): Where to focus for this week?
    • Social Media resources (chalk talks, video clip): Went over on how to create a fb frame, what other ideas for other frames, can we come up with a hashtag? Make the frame available through the EXPO page for everyone to use.
    • Static page for quick resource. Too many links are spread out in emails. Elmer sent out a message consolidating the google docs and will create a static page to add to bookmarks for easy access.
    • PPE, Masks, and Homemade face masks – resources on where to find masks, who can make masks, how to make sure our loved ones get them. Renee can have friend make reusable masks for essential personnel. Peggy says no homemade masks but trying to work with AMAZON, however, will they be washable/laundry through the institution?
    • Released folk need resources like housing, jobs, technology and such. Having these ready and available should give good incentive to release people.


  • New organization of our documents and resources? Static Page under one of Elmer’s domains.
  • MASKS and PPE: Renee – is DOC putting out a memo for donations? What’s their interim plan on masks?
  • Where in the statutes can the Gov’r and Scy execute power to release? Who can submit a motion and can it be done on behalf of a loved one?

Next Steps

  • Who will do what by when? What support do you need?
    • Peggy, Scy Carr letter
    • Elmer, Survival resource letters
    • Renee, Help with 973.195 research and identifying resources for released individuals (housing, jobs, money, technology…)