WI Research Team 1-1s Week of 5/11

Jeff + Peggy 5/13

Check Ins:

  • Husband’s facility on lock down for covid

Review draft statewide plan

  • Pluses
    • All this looks useful
    • Always talk about building our base, but unclear what/where the membership info is. Had talked about developing a streamlined process like JLUSA to sign up online and get a t-shirt. EXPO website still doesn’t have that function. Unclear where to find the info. This could help.
  • Deltas
    • Could create committees, but there were too many committees in Close MSDF campaign.


  • Gamaliel got a grant for EXPO chapters, without telling EXPO. Developing an MOU that was sent to St. Louis. Jerome and Carl talked about handling EXPO chapters. Currently no process for someone interested in starting a chapter.
  • Want to send a survey to encourage people to get involved.
  • Christal and Elmer very engaged and interested.
  • Stay at home order ends May 26, may not get extended

Christal + Jeff on 5/13