Power Mapping Meeting 3/23


  • Elmer
  • Peggy
  • Jeff

Check Ins:

  • Peggy: Runs a meal program so needs to leave the house daily. Most non-essential services closed. Keeping busy is helpful. Vacillate between being terrified and being ok. 16 hrs of zoom calls last week about conditions in the prisons. Scared for her husband Tommy who is locked up. Doctor in prison facilities tested positive for covid19. Governor has released some people who were locked up. Seems to be responding to some of our demands. We don’t want people released from DOC w no plan. Heard that they’re reviewing people on parole. Hope Cut 50 will make this part of their Day of Empathy.
  • Elmer: Used to staying home. Trying to be supportive of others. I’m alright. Hoping it won’t hurt my business too much. 
  • Jeff – 


  • Elmer: Updated w BSI and state contract website as Research Resources. Been updating profiles. Looking at foundation websites to see which companies have started foundations. When cross-referencing contracts w DOC lots of them show up as wealthy folks having given money to Walker. Finding out what orgs area ctive in their districts. Not many orgs have been picked up by google. Cross referencing w social media. Some donors started foundations. Looking at who’s on the boards of those foundations.
  • Jeff: Construction companies donating to politicians and bidding on contracts.
  • Peggy: Targeting the governor right now. Considering targeting others. Some posted outside DOC secretary’s, Kevin Carr’s, house. FFUP – Forum For Understanding Prisoners. We think DOC Secretary needs to do what governor wants. Talks about also targeting legislature.
    • Did a national event last week w Gamelial. They have demands, so does ACLU. 
    • Video from FB live from Gamelial


  • How do we find out what led to other states releasing prisoners?
    • Elmer can look into this.
    • Start a doc
  • HOw is EXPO targeting governor? Call and email his office. Don’t know how many have emailed him. CC EXPO or forward a copy. 
  • What’s the timeline?

Next Steps