Power Mapping Meeting 3/2


  • Renee
  • Elmer
  • Jeff

Check Ins:

  • Renee – excited – schedule cleared up, can donate more time
  • Elmer – alright. Things looking ok. Staying busy. Physical therapy.
  • Jeff – feeling good , trying not to get distracted


  • Did you discover anything surprising? Interesting?
  • Jim Ott – lots of alcohol beverage distributors among donors
  • Did you have any difficulties doing research?


  • Any questions about how/why to do the research?How many donors to research? Top 10
  • How to find donor info?
  • How to discover who is the voting base in legislator’s district? FB pages were useful for that. 
  • How can we build bipartisan support for this?
  • What if legislators say that their constituents want tough on crime laws?

Next Steps

  • What does everyone hope to accomplish this week?Christal – wants to get 3 profiles up by end of week
  • Elmer – wants to 2 more profiles up by end
  • Renee – wants to get 3 profiles up by end of week