Power Mapping Meeting 2/24


  • Christal
  • Peggy
  • Elmer
  • Jeff

Check Ins:

Introductions and Questions

Peggy: rough morning, one question: Who are Tony Evers consultants/ kitchen cabinet

Cristal: How do we get heard at higher levels? How do we get to be heard by people like Vos? How can we get stuff done without going through the legislature?

Renee: Doing well. How can people work across party lines to get bipartisan support for criminal justice reform

Elmer: Who are the power donors?

Jeff: Who are local leaders that matter to legislators because they turn out voters, like religious leaders?


  • Overview of Power structure analysis
  • Q & A
    • Elmer – can we automate some of this? Coder. Web development.
    • Renee – something I want to participate in . We don’t know what we’ll find.
    • Cristal – I want to get started

Next Steps

  • Meet regularly Mondays at this time (11 am)
  • ID which legislators pushing tough on crime?Elmer
  • Split up the profiles
  • Meeting same time next week – Mon at 12 EST